Poterie Serghini,
Home of handmade
ceramics in Morocco
since 1832

Over 180 years
of design and
fine craftmanship

A story of 8 generations
of passionate designers
and artisans


Over 180 years of passion 100% handmade Moroccan ceramics
Time-honoured expertise and perpetual creation skills…

Home of handmade Moroccan ceramics since 1832, Poterie Serghini uses unique skills that have been tested and perfected by 8 generations of master ceramists for over 180 years of experience and passion.

Each of Poterie Serghini’ pieces is unique, full of history and carries the authentic touch of the hands that crafted it with the most tender and subtle curves, with total respect to the environment, using clays and glazes carefully selected.

Poterie Serghini is committed to spread fair trade principals and to improve artisans community quality of life, that’s how tens of thousands of artisans have been coached and trained by the Serghini House all over the last two centuries.


Whether crafted following pure artisanal traditions, or emerging from our most daring innovations, Poterie Serghini’ creations celebrate the culture and nature of Morocco.
Beyond that, each piece is infused with parts of the creator's personal history and of his most intimate emotions. Each shape, each curve represents an original and unique moment that will never happen again.
All our ceramics are 100% fully handmade (shapes and patterns) from 100% natural clay and free-lead glazes.


Poterie Serghini® has been perpetuating Moroccan ceramic art since 1832

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Workshop of Marrakesh : 933, Quartier Industriel Massar, Marrakech

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